My sci-fi TV drama series "Blue Book" is currently in active development at History. We are also prepping a TV series package based off on an acclaimed graphic novel that we will be shopping in Spring 2017.  Below are some additional projects also currently in development...



A family man's life comes crashing down when he starts experiencing strange lapses in memory and disturbing paranoia, all leading to the horrifiying truth -- that aliens are not only after him, but his son as well.


CHRIS WACHTEL is a New York City business man, struggling to connect with his 8-year-old son in a marriage that's grown increasingly distant. One afternoon, while fishing in upstate New York with his son, they observe a strange object in the sky, and then instantly experience an inexplicable gap in time and memory for over six hours. Returning to New York, the memories soon start returning to Chris in pieces, not only of that day, but of other days, where Chris would be 'missing time'. Partnering with a hypnotherapist and a fringe scientist, Chris' exploration into what's truly happening to him and his son, and why, takes him down a dark rabbit hole into a terrifying new reality. 



Spurred by his ex-wife's suspicious death, a journalist finds himself investigating a strange pattern of subliminal messages and is quickly drawn into the dangerous mystery they're connected to. 


MARK MILLER, a successful business journalist in Los Angeles, gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife JULIA, whom he hasn't seen in years. Julia's afraid, speaking in riddles, she's a scientist who was working on a top-secret governmental project.  And when she shows up dead from an apperent suicide days later, Mark begins to supsect foul play. Investigating her death,  Mark soon uncovers a strange signal that somehow connects to a vast technological conspiracy with global implications. Now, on the run from mysterious shadowy figures, Mark must figure out what this signal is, who's using it and why, and what is happening to him now that he's seen it too. 



A woman gets wrapped up in a dangerous conspiracy after her brother mysteriously vanishes in front of her eyes, and embarks on a journey with a lone scientist to unravel the unimaginable truth.  


DEB CARTER is a recent divorcee living in San Francisco, slowly picking up the pieces of her life; she's even re-enrolled in college. One evening, however, out with her dear, more responsible little brother JOSH, Deb is rocked to her core, when she witnesses him vanishing spontaneously into thin air in front of her. Presumed missing and then dead, only Deb knows the truth, but no one will believe her. However, when she's contacted by a mysterious stranger and told that she's in danger and the vanishings are real, she'll be forced on the run with him in a quest to find out what's happened to her brother. Ultimately, Deb will face her greatest fears, unraveling a dark intercontinental conspiracy that will shift her perception of reality forever. 

Additional Info

  • MISSING TIME was optioned by Amasia Entertainment in the Fall of 2015 and is being packaged for production. 

  • MISSING TIME was honored on the 2014 Hit List, a list of year's top spec scripts, as voted by Hollywood insiders. 

  • MISSING TIME was featured in the Hollywood Reporter in February 2014 as a hot-spec of the week in its Heat Vision blog on buzz trends.

  • A rip-o-matic / proof of concept theatrical trailer for SUBLIMINAL was developed and  can be veiwed here. 

  • SUBLIMINAL placed in the 2011 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting as a Quarter-Finalist  (in the top 5% of over 6,730 entires).

  • DISAPPEARANCE placed in the 2010 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting as a Quarter-Finalist  (in the top 5% of over 7,250 entires).