For the past 5 years, I have taught writing classes at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Los Angeles to MFA, BFA and AFA students in their Screenwriting, Producing & Filmmaking Departments. I also have experience teaching writing classes on-line in individualized courses. 

I currently run NYFA's Business of Screenwriting Curriculum, a 3-semester course in the Screenwriting Department that teaches writing students about the operation of the film and television industry.


Students are quizzed weekly on stories reported by Deadline.com, they learn how to predict movie box office results, write screenplay coverage, and how to succintly pitch their projects.


They learn how agencies, management co's, studios and TV/Film production companies function today. They learn industry terminology and enroll in a 8-week internship, which I supervise.


Special Guest speakers join the class for intimate Q&A's. I keep a blog of all my discussions, available via my column on the NYFA blog. If you are interested in being a Special Guest, please email me.  


I also organize the Staged Reading Event and NYFA Pitch Fest Event for graduating MFA students. 

I teach, or have taught, a variety of other courses at NYFA including: 


  • Writing the Feature Teatment. 

  • Introduction to Screenwriting. 

  • Screenwriting Workshops. 

       (8 weeks & 15 weeks).

  • Screenwriting Elements.

  • Screenplay Revisions. 

  • Advanced Pitching.

  • Genre Studies.

  • Screenplay Collaboration.

  • MFA Thesis Advising. 

       (Screenwriting & Producing).

  • Writing the Short FIlm. 

  • Business of Screenwriting I, II, & III.